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Tony December 17, 2011 Announcements


If you have basic questions about our courses (what you get) please "submit a request" ticket by clicking on the tab above and we will get back to you shortly.

If you have basic questions on auto body and paint issues or buying and selling cars please look into the benefits of becoming a VIP member. We literally get hundreds of questions daily on all topics and can't promise you that we will to reply back to all basic entries. VIP Members get full support.

We dedicate a lot of time to our paid members.

Thank you,

Tony December 17, 2011 Community Help


If you have basic questions about billing or VIP member support please "submit a request" ticket by clicking on the tab above. In your request ticket just mention what course you need support with in your subject line* Such as... (AutoBody) or (F1AutoCashCourse).

We will get back to you shortly usually within 12-48 hours at max. If we don't respond within the 48 hours this may be due to high support requests and, or the support team also out in the field making videos. It may take up to 3 days to get back to you (on VERY rare occasions). So please keep this in mind.

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The LABAP & F1 Support Team.